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Content discovery with Just Watch

Just Watch is a content discovery service that helps consumers to find the streaming service that has the content they want to watch. It displays the metadata of the asset, the pricing and links to the streaming service.

This helps the consumers who know what they want to watch to find the service that has the asset. Just Watch increases the discovery of your content.

Magine Pro integration with Just Watch

Magine Pro has implemented a metadata export that can be used to connect your service with Just Watch. When enabled the export updates every 6h and sends the following information to Just Watch:

  • ID

  • Title

  • Description

  • Release Year

  • Runtime (duration)

  • Web URL

  • Offers (a list of all active offers)

    • Type (buy, rent, flatrate, free)

    • Price

    • Currency (ISO format)

    • Countries (list, ISO format)

  • Media Type (show, show_episode, movie, program as defined by just watch)

  • Show ID

  • Season number

  • Episode number



You can enable the metadata export in the Magine Pro Console here.

Metadata assets included in any user segment will not be included in the export.


If you want to surface your content via Just Watch you will need a service agreement with them.

Known limitations

The export is optimised for Just Watch. If you use the export to surface your content in similar content discovery services like Playpilot or Trova Streaming please keep in mind that updates to the export can disturb your connection to those services.

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