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Partner Sales Operations Roundtable

Here are the questions addressed in the video: 

  • How are teams acquiring agencies now - different sources and genesis/operations of those?

  • How do agencies respond to various types of cold outreach?

  • Who on your team should provide partner managers with your persona data for outreach?

  • What should you use to find and email cold leads if you do not have sales support now?

  • How much time/money does an outreach system cost?

  • What are best practices for agency outreach?

  • In a meeting last week, the agency mentioned that they prefer to have the same sales contact. With what TrustPilot is doing, how do you balance the need for having one person to contact and giving leads to sales instead?

  • Do you measure how big your ‘shadow channel’ is? That is, the percentage of the normal sales flow that is either

    • a) signed up by a service company, or

    • b) will use a service company for implementation?

  • We just launched our new agency program within PartnerStack two weeks ago. The partner application on our website is pretty simple; only two questions. In your experience, what information is most useful to accepting them into your program?

Leadfeeder’s SOPs: 

  1. Sit down with sales and create a list of guidelines.

  2. Have an option in the demo forms for the agency.

  3. Slack channel gets notified with the new lead. 

  4. Connect that form to Builtwith to find Alexa ranking and similar sites.

  5. 3 forms for 3 buckets.

    1. Community only

    2. Affiliate only

    3. Certified

Trustpilot’s SOPs:

  1. Trained their sales teams to do discovery around partners.

  2. Form after demo if they are the agency (Google Form with rep name, agency name, links…). 

  3. Notifies partnership to reach out.

  4. “Trustpilot + {{Client Name}}”.

  5. Partnership managers reach out (not sales, agencies hate hearing from someone with a sales title).

  6. Incentivizing sales = TP will give the sales rep the first 5 referrals from the agency partner they discover/refer to.

  7. SOPs for ensuring the partner does not get the runaround and be told to talk to sales for X and partnerships for Y (they hate that) - make sure they always speak to a partner manager who then talks to sales if necessary.

  8. Comments box with notes about the agency the lead works with at the bottom of the salesforce lead form - which gets sent in a report each day to the partner manager.