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Communication Plan Templates

Want to save time and ensure your next communications go smoothly? Start with these expert-crafted templates. Learn more about these templates.

Project Communication Plan Template

[Ensures your project stays on-track and keeps every stakeholder easily informed. Learn more about this template. The project management communication plan should include:

  • Goals of the project

  • Stakeholder details

  • Type of information to share with stakeholders

  • Channels of communication

  • Frequency of communication]

[MM/DD/YYYY] Updates

[Utilize this template for regular updates regarding important project information, updates, and accomplishments. Set it to daily, weekly, or customized intervals to ensure it's kept up to date and stakeholders remain informed.]

General Status Updates

[Include a list of key updates here. This can include metrics, accomplishments, or anything else you feel should be shared as a status update.]


[Shine the spotlight on team members who have been doing exceptionally well.]

What’s Next?

[What are the next steps in the project’s timeline? Document the upcoming phase of the project here along with any expectations or milestones.]

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Change Management Communications Plan Template

[Use this template to align your team around change and ensure your communications drive successful change.

Change is hard for everyone to accept. A change management plan encapsulates all the strategic plans, processes, and tools to deliver organizational changes and help employees adapt to these changes.

Done right, a change management plan reduces the risk of an unsuccessful organizational change in the event of restructuring, moving to a new location, or upgrading processes. It’s the only way to get buy-in from employees without antagonizing them.

65% of senior managers surveyed by Robert Half believe that communication is the most essential element for leading teams through change successfully. Sadly, 70% of organizational change initiatives are unsuccessful because of ineffective communication.

Details to include in a change management communication plan:

  • Change project name

  • Project owner

  • Stakeholders for each communication

  • Reason for communication

  • Description of the required communication

  • Methods of communication

  • Key messaging

  • Timeline]

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Marketing Communication Plan

A marketing communications plan is a strategy for sharing information about your product or service with your target audience. It provides focus, so you know what you need to say when promoting your product to your customer.

The marketing communications plan includes:

  • Description of your target market and ideal customer

  • Goals and objectives

  • SWOT analysis

  • Timeline

  • Your unique selling proposition

  • Strategies

  • The problem your audience faces

  • The intersection between those pain points and your product solutions

  • Your messaging

  • Channels of distribution

Product Launch Communication Plan

A product launch communications plan ensures your new product gets the visibility it needs to connect with your target audience. If it’s a product update, the story should clearly show the differentiator from competitors and previous versions.

Segment product launch plans into five phases:

  1. Planning

  2. Pre-launch

  3. Sales and channel readiness

  4. Launch day

  5. Post-launch follow-up

Details to include in a product launch communication plan:

  • Primary objectives of the product launch

  • Your target audience

  • Positioning statement

  • Problems your product solves

  • Product description

  • KPIs

  • Key activities and timeline for each activity to happen

  • Awareness campaign

Internal Communication Plan

When practiced correctly, internal communication should promote efficient collaboration and conversation between employees in an organization. It involves producing and sharing messages, as well as facilitating healthy dialogue with employees.

Good internal communications ensure that employees never hear the words “nobody told me.” It’s a frustrating experience in organizations of all sizes where information doesn’t get to the right people, is ignored, or lost in transit.

An internal communications plan equips your organization to manage the growing impact of a modern work environment.

Include the following details in an internal communications plan:

  • Audience personas

  • SMART goals

  • Key metrics to track

  • Timeline to achieve goals and objectives

  • Approval process

  • Internal communication tools

  • Evaluation

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