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User settings page for web

The web application has a settings page where the user gets the basic account information.

  • the contact email address

  • purchased subscriptions and day passes

  • last used payment method

The customer can also change the account settings. The consumer can change the following settings:

  • Update the contact email

  • Activate or deactivate the parental control

  • Clear the device list

  • Buy or cancel an offer purchased on the website

In this section, you can configure which information is shown to your users on their settings page. A user has to be logged in to see the settings page.

User settings page in the web

When a user logs into the website they will see more information and can do more changes than in the mobile applications.


The contact email is used to send email notifications like reset password, pin code and newsletters if the user has agreed on receiving them. The contact email can differ from the login method, therefore, we advise that you don't display the contact email as the primary method.

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