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How to create processes in bulk ⚡

See: How to identify and build scalable processes

Know your team needs processes to more efficiently work together, but overwhelm by the amount of communication breakdowns that need attention?

Here's how to build a foundation of processes so that you are improving and supporting as many areas and team members as possible.

👩‍🍳What you'll need:

  • A lead project manager

  • A team of subject matter experts motivated by efficiency and dedicated to better team collaboration. Consider formalizing this group if you haven't already and making members a part of a knowledge council 📋

With your group of SMEs, follow these steps:

  1. Brainstorm - to identify areas that need repeatable solutions

  2. Organize content - into categories with an assigned SME

  3. Host “content jam” - schedule a 1-2 hour accountability time block to write out content, no quality control

  4. Review content - Lead reviews content with a grading structure (1-4, where 3 & 4 pass)

  5. Deploy - Content with a 3 and above rating gets published; Lead uses tracks use of cards and Q&As in slack and reports on success

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