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Active Project Resources & Links

Use this template to organize all relevant project documentation into a single source of truth you can access right in the apps you love.

This Card should be highly collaborative across Product, Design, Engineering, Product Marketing, and any other teams involved in the preparatory phase for feature development projects. It should include links to all updated Cards and external documents important to the project, including research, requirements, design specs, project tracking tools, etc.

Project details

  • Functional specs/requirements (in Guru or linked elsewhere)

  • Designs (linked)

  • Existing feature breakdown Card (in Guru)

    • Include links to any other features that might be impacted by upcoming changes for full visibility

  • Project tracking system (linked)

research and planning

  • Competitive feature research

    • Competitive battlecards with similar features (in Guru)

    • Screenshots of similar features in other products (in Guru or linked elsewhere)

  • Related personas (in Guru)


Additional resources

  • Existing feature FAQs (in Guru)

  • Related design system and/or technical writing standards (in Guru)

  • Existing technical documentation for the feature (in Guru)

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