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Mapping an Article to the Marketing Funnel

You can use the following framework to help determine what stage of the marketing funnel an article maps to.

Note: A piece of content can map to multiple stages of the funnel.

Example Topic: How to find low competition keywords

Does it help increase brand awareness?
You don't have to be familiar with Ahrefs to search for this, but many searcher's are likely already familiar with Ahrefs.

Does it help create interest and desire?
It explains how to solve the problem using Ahrefs. Why wouldn't you have an interest and desire in a product that solves your problem?

Does it help nurture interest and entice the purchase?
πŸ€” Maybe
There's no obvious call-to-action, but the fact that it thoroughly solves the problem at hand is undoubtedly enough to entice some readers to try Ahrefs.

Does it help retain customers & build brand loyalty?
βœ… Yes
Knowing how to find low-competition keywords is a common problem customers face, so it helps to retain their business by showing them how to get even more value out of a tool they already pay for.
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