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One of the most important things you need to do is to decide how you want to present your content to your customers. In the Magine Pro Console, you can do that by creating collections. Collections compile several metadata files by specific conditions. A collection can also consist of other collections.

We have a step by step guide that helps you to create the right collection or read our documentation here.

You can customise the look and feel of every featured collection, 16:9 and movie vod collection in your service.

When you follow the guide you will need to decide on these collection attributes:

Display type

Display type decides how the collection will be presented in the service. This may vary between different types of devices. Some things that are determined by the display type is:

  • which image is used

  • which metadata is displayed

  • if a text is shown on the image

Data type

This decides which metadata files are included in the collection. There are four filters that you can use:

  1. Decide if you want to include all metadata files, metadata that match a specific attribute (label, entitled) or add them manually

  2. Decide what kind of metadata you want to include (movie, show, channel, program)

  3. Decide which media type you want to include (VOD, broadcast, channel)

  4. Decide if you want to include only available, only upcoming content or both


This decides in which order the metadata files will be presented in a collection.

  • Default: This sorting order does not change the order. It should be used e.g. if there is a collection of data type "Manual" and the custom order in that list should be respected.

  • Created At: Metadata assets will be sorted based on the date when the metadata asset was created in the service. From newest to latest.

  • Alphabetical: Metadata assets will be sorted in alphabetical order. From A-Z.

  • Newest: Metadata assets will be sorted with the one that is closest to the set "Start" date first.

  • Ending soon: Metadata assets will be sorted with the one that is closest to the set "End" date first.

  • Popularity: Sorts by the popularity of the assets. From most popular to the least. Popularity is defined by how often an asset turns up in a search or in a collection.

Number of assets in a collection

You can add up to 1000 assets to a collection. The web and mobile application can display up to 16 assets in a row. The customer can scroll left and right to select a movie.

If you have more than 16 assets a "Show all" button will appear that guides users to a separate page with all assets.

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