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Sr Communications Manager: Interview Guide

POSITION TITLE: Senior Communications Manager
TEAM: Communications
HIRING MANAGER: Steve Mayernick

INTERVIEW GROUP: Marketing Leadership
Duration: 30m
Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Is the candidate a strong storyteller?

  • Is this someone that can put together a cohesive, end-to-end communications strategy?

  • Do they understand our problem space? Are they excited about the opportunity and the product?

  • Is this someone who could effectively enable and prep our executive team for interviews/podcasts/etc?

Questions to Ask Candidate:

  • Earned media is hard. Where have you had success? What does that success look like?

  • Do you feel like she could have similar success at Guru? What would you need in order to be successful?

  • What about Guru makes for a great story?

  • What are your biggest reservations about joining Guru?

Values and Behaviors to Focus on:

  • Create advocates

INTERVIEW GROUP: Internal Communication
Duration: 30m
Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Would this candidate be a culture addition for our team?

  • Does the candidate philosophically align with Guru’s internal communications team and the golden rule?

  • Do you feel like you could effectively partner with this individual and ensure cohesive, connected comms?

Questions to Ask Candidate:

  • What makes for good communication?

  • What’s an example of a poor working relationship you’ve had in the past? How did you overcome that relationship? What kind of feedback did you give?

  • How do you envision working with the internal communications team?

  • What are some of your biggest passions outside of work?

Values and Behaviors to Focus on:

  • Seek and Share Knowledge

INTERVIEW GROUP: Content Marketing
Duration: 30m
Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Is this someone I could effectively partner with on content? Examples could include press releases, earned media, paid/sponsored content.

  • Could this candidate build an understanding of our voice and tone?

Questions to Ask Candidate:

  • How do you work with content teams? What would you need from our team to be successful?

  • Over the last year, what story was the hardest for you to bring together? What made it so challenging?

  • Do you have any experience bringing quant research to writers and getting coverage of that research?

Values and Behaviors to Focus on:

  • Learn and Grow

Duration: 30m
Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Is this someone who I’d trust to organize and prepare me for briefings, interviews, podcasts etc?

  • Does our problem space resonate with this candidate?

  • Is this candidate a great storyteller? Can they help bring some of my ideas to life?

Questions to Ask Candidate:

  • If you had to ask me a single question to help understand the Guru story better, what would it be and why?

  • What’s your favorite thing about working with the leadership team at your current company? What’s your least?

  • What does your best working relationship with someone on the leadership team look like? What makes that relationship so successful?

  • What further validation (company awards and values) would you have liked to see from Guru during your interview process? Do you believe you can help Guru gain that validation?

Values and Behaviors to Focus on:

  • Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

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