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(Yardi) What is "Unknown, Unknown"?

Question: Why are some leads showing up as Unknown Unknown? How can I search for them without having their name?

Answer: While your AI Assistant will ask a text leads their name in the initial message every single time, sometimes a prospect just does not want to share this info. These prospects will show up as "Unknown Unknown" until the prospect either shares their name with your Assistant or you update the guest card after you get a name from the prospect during a tour.

Because there might be more than one "Unknown Unknown’s" and because we know that you can't search the CRM by a phone number, we've turned that phone number into an email address - so you can search for it that way.

As you can see in the example below, we've taken the 555 number and added a + sign at the beginning, and added at the end. By putting it into this email construct, you can now search this phone number in the CRM just like it's a regular email address, and you'll get directly to the guest card of that person, even if we don't have their name just yet.

Example: phone number 1.555.223.1234 can be searched by turning it into:

06/13/22: Temporary Fix Deployed

Description of Fix: We have added a toggle-able setting to delay PMS export of guest cards until either a prospect's name is provided or a tour is booked. It is by default turned off for all buildings and will be turned on for clients who requested a change in behavior and wanted to see a reduction in guest cards with 'unknown unknown'. Please see this clickup document.

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