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Big 6

Our framework for collecting customer data to better serve them

What Is the Big 6?

The Big 6 represents a focus on driving higher value conversations throughout the customer journey. These conversations start from pre-sale, and are further enhanced through each touch point by anyone from Chili Piper (e.g. AM, CSM, Product Marketing, Product).

The customer's Big 6 may change over their lifetime as a customer, however, it's our responsibility to understand what the change is, if there are any implications of the change, and how to ensure we are continually driving value in the most appropriate way.

How We Use Big 6


OUR Validation Through-out The Customer Journey


The Impact

With Big 6 information, we are better able to serve each of our customer's specific needs and use cases and work together across teams more efficiently.

Customers buy us for the things our product allows them to do and it's important for everyone to be on the same page.

With this information, we can have a baseline for how we are doing in our partnership and how we can grow together.

Initial Big 6 Information Collected by Account executives shared with the CS team in the onboarding Handoff Emai


Everyone has access to Big 6 Dashboard's in Planhat


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