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Anti-Racism Toolkits and Petitions




    With 1.7 million members, Color of Change is the largest online racial justice organization in the United States. The nonprofit has a handful of petitions you can sign, including:


    • It's become the most prominent petition in US history, with 10.5 million signatures at the time of writing. This petition demands Mayor Jacob Frey and DA Mike Freeman to take action in prosecuting George Floyd's murderers.


    • The Black Lives Matter movement is calling for radical and sustainable solutions that affirm the prosperity of Black lives. This petition is a call to end systematic racism through the defunding of police and the reallocation of funds to Black communities and resources.


    • This petition is specific to our home city and demands LA City Council to end industrial oil drilling in the city's low-income communities, often communities of color. Specifically, the petition aims to place a 2,500-foot buffer zone around homes, schools, hospitals, and other sensitive land uses by 2025.


    • Georgia is one of a handful of states in the USA that does not have a hate crime bill—the Georgia State Legislature has failed to pass it for the past three years. This petition demands House Bill 426 (currently stalled in Senate) to be passed and enacted. You can read more about the bill here.

  • 15 Percent Pledge

    • call on major retailers to pledge 15% of their shelf space to Black-owned businesses

  • We See You, White American Theater

    • In reaction to civil unrest in our country, we—Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) theatremakers—formed a collective of multi-generational, multi-disciplinary, early career, emerging and established artists, theater managers, executives, students, administrators, dramaturges and producers, to address the scope and pervasiveness of anti-Blackness and racism in the American theater. Our response was to draft a strong testimonial letter, ‘DEAR WHITE AMERICAN THEATER', collectively crafted by theatremakers from across the country, exposing the indignities and racism that BIPOC, and in particular Black theatremakers, face on a day-to-day basis in the theater industry.

    • About:

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  • Black Philly radical collective

    • During this time of rebellion against police terrorism and state violence, we, the radical Black organizing community in Philadelphia, make the following immediately actionable demands upon the City of Philadelphia to abolish--by which we mean to permanently and holistically eliminate--the structures of policing and related state violence endangering our communities.

      • Also call/email Mayor Kenney + councilmembers

  • Safety and justice for sanitation workers

    • Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Philly's sanitation workers have maintained an essential city service without sufficient PPE, testing, or hazard pay. Sanitation workers and their family members are falling sick due to unsafe working conditions. Meanwhile, Mayor Kenney's is threatening to cut funding for the streets department by $18 million

      • Call/email Mayor Kenney + councilmembers (text at the bottom is helpful for a script)

  • Tell the School District of Philadelphia: We Want #PoliceFreeSchools!

    • From the Philadelphia Student Union asking Superintendent William Hite and the School District of Philadelphia's Board of Education to commit to police free schools. Specifically:

      • Remove all police and school resource officers from schools.

      • Have the Office of School Safety replace school police with community members trained in de-escalation, restorative justice, and other skills that support healthy schools and communities.
        End its memorandum of understanding with the Philadelphia Police Department. Disciplinary and other school infractions should be dealt with by administration and staff, not the police

Note: This is not intended to be a comprehensive list. We expect it to grow over time. If you come across resources you'd like to see added, let us know on Twitter

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