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Ergonomics Overview (via Noom)

What is Ergonomics? 

Ergonomics is the study of people's efficiency in their working environment. For our purposes, we are going to talk about how you’re sitting and common practices to help alleviate problems before they become problems. Proper ergonomics can not only prevent injury, but it can also increase productivity and reduce fatigue.

Our home office setups can be modern-day torture devices. Instead of setting up our surroundings to conform to our bodies, we tend to contort our bodies into unnatural postures in order to fit our setups. This can lead to preventable musculoskeletal disorders. It’s important for us to work smarter and not harder in order to be successful. These resources were compiled by an employee of Noom (and very slightly adapted in a few instances by Guru).

What are the rules for proper ergonomics?

When it comes to proper ergonomics, there are a few key rules to keep in mind:

  1. Chair

  2. Desk/table

  3. Monitor

  4. Keyboard

  5. Mouse

  6. Footrest

  7. Keyboard Tray

  8. Sit/Stand Convertible Desk

Ergonomic Workstation Considerations

  1. Lighting

  2. Area

  3. Laptop

Common Concerns

  1. Eye Strain

  2. Carpal Tunnel

Apps & Extensions

  1. Productivity

  2. Breaks

  3. Wellness

ergonomic tips.png

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