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Partner Cold Email Sequence


  • First, discover leads (see our data ops strategy here)

  • > Warm them up with retargeting + LinkedIn connect

  • >> Reach out with a request time to discuss collaboration 

  • >>> Provide access and mention the track 

  • >>>> IF they are interested, schedule a follow-up to discuss the track 

  • >>>>> Drop them into an evergreen drip sequence that provides actionable strategies and opportunities to co-market for that partner type. 


What marketers need to know about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): 

  1. Applicable to EU citizens' personal data. 

  2. Applies to you and your third party processors. 

  3. The fines can be $20M or 2% of worldwide annual rev. 

  4. Customers have rights: access, edit, erasure, and transfer. 

  5. Redefine the scope and purpose of processing all data.

What’s great about the GDPR? 

  1. Increased consumers' confidence. 

  2. Less noise everywhere.

  3. Abiding means valuable and precise marketing only.

IF Co-Selling = see co-selling strategy

Email #1 - Talk about the opportunity

 Subject line:​ Appropriate person?

re: {{CompanyName}} 

  1. Mention who you are.

  2. Hyperlink the company name to your partner page, but do not talk about the company for more than 1 line. 

  3. Mention looking for “Experts” or Thought Leaders

  4. Share a co-marketing opportunity that includes a do-follow backlink.

  5. Share the reach of your brand if it’s high.

  6. Mention their agency can have a free account 

  7. Link to your account

  8. Follow the example at the top of this doc.

Email #2 - Ask for a reply. 

Rules: IF no reply

Subject line:​ (Same thread)

When: 3 days later

  1. Mention you are on a deadline and you’d like them to be involved

  2. Share more details about the opportunity 

  3. Share your calendar link 

Email #3 - What you do for partners 

Rules: IF no reply

Subject line:​ 

When: 3 days later

  1. Remind them about reaching out for collaboration

  2. Mention SEO may not be a current priority for them

  3. Articulate what other agencies  do with your solution (mention their names)

  4. And talk about what you personally do for your partners

  5. Link to the program

  6. End with one final request to get on a call

Email #4, 5, 6... Evergreen partner leads drip

Rules: IF no reply

When: Once monthly

  1. Newest co-marketing offers

  2. Partner highlight

  3. Workflow examples using your tool

  4. Links to agency-focused content from other blogs